Sponsor Overview



After the overwhelming success of our first three years and decades of experience in event management and sales and marketing — the team at Louisiana Marathon has quickly become a trusted partner.

Our partners enjoy opportunities to identify and develop key relationships within the Louisiana and national running communities. We provide traditional event models and interactive engagements to represent brands in an authentic and inspired way.

Our approach to a multi-day event with a regular presence in Louisiana continues to impact business.

Sponsor packages are catered, so we begin by listening to meet specific marketing goals and objectives before aligning with our offerings. We provide a variety of packages: from Title, Presenting, Official, Corporate, Sports and Community.

For more information about The Louisiana Marathon and sponsorship opportunities, please email info@thelouisianamarathon.com.

Current Opportunities
  • 1 of 1 Title Position for the Running Festival Weekend
  • 2 of 5 Presenting of the Running Festival Weekend
  • 1 of 1 Title for The Expo
  • 2 of 3 Presenting The Expo
  • 1 of 1 Presenting our Pace Team
  • Be the Official Wireless Partner of the Louisiana Marathon
  • Be the Official Vehicle Partner of the Louisiana Marathon
  • Presenting our Timing Clocks & Finisher Receipts

Sponsor Kit

Louisiana Marathon wants our partners to be well-informed of our ability to generate awareness, develop relationships and increase conversions.

We provide a race recap capturing the history of the event from the previous year to the inaugural year which shows how the 120% growth has taken place. We have an overview concept deck that frames the momentum of the industry and where we fit in as well as a detailed profile of our runner base.

Check out the 2014-2015 Sponsor Kit >>

Contact our Strategic Planning Director info@thelouisianamarathon.com


Build Awareness

Use our local and national media placements as well as align with our community and charity initiatives

Develop Relationships

Engage in our social media success and develop influencers as well as customers

Increase Conversions

Leverage our digital promotions efforts to secure leads, and sell your product at our two expo and festival days as well as our dozens of local and national ambassador engagement opportunities

Enhance Corporate Wellness Programming

Many companies are decreasing insurance premiums with comprehensive wellness programs. Use our races and engage our running experts to complement your programs. We regularly participate in lunch-and-learns, and we can also connect your human resource department with teams of running experts to frame training and educational activities.

Impact Community Outreach and Charitable Fundraising

Many partners use our event to impact their community outreach and charitable fundraising. Some partners not only cover registrations for their staff to run, but they also invite others in the community to run on their dime. And some organizations also encourage runners to run for charities as a means of fundraising. Since 2012, we have generated over $285,000 and advanced the efforts of many corporations as they drive non-profit and community initiatives.

For more information of benefits for corporate partners or for more examples of engagements which assist with impacting community outreach and raising funds for charitable efforts, email info@thelouisianamarathon.com.


Use this resource to connect with our partners throughout the year. Without them, many of our offerings would not be possible. We always say, “Our volunteers make the races a success, and our partners make the year-round activity possible.”

For information about partnership opportunities, please contact our Strategic Planning Director info@thelouisianamarathon.com