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The Louisiana Marathon & Rocket Racing Press Kit

Since 2006, Rocket Racing manages triathlons and running events for all ages and experience. In addition to The Louisiana Marathon, the organization comprises: RocketKidz Foundation, the RocketChix triathlon series, the RocketKidz triathlon series and the Golden Fliers 5 & 10 Miler.


Official Name The Louisiana Marathon
Date January 15, 2012
Host City Baton Rouge, LA
Event Format Multi-race Format.A multi-race format including a marathon, a half-marathon, two & four person relays, a 5k and a RocketKidz Marathon
Event Description On January 15, Rocket Racing will present the first annual Louisiana Marathon. Friends, family and curious spectators will line up along the 26.2 miles of roadways filled with inspiring sights and sounds to cheer on the many that chose to run. The course features a fast, flat, runner-friendly path through the lakes, along the river, around downtown, on the university campus and in historic neighborhoods. Runners and spectators will enjoy local music & entertainment along the course. Louisiana may be the birthplace of America’s only indigenous art form – jazz, but the state also hosts a diverse range of musical styles: from country, gospel and blues to hip hop, rockabilly and rock ‘n’ roll.
Fee Early registration discounts are available for individuals, families and large groups. The pricing structure increases at the end of each month. For the most current pricing for each race, visit our Registration Page >>
Company Rocket Racing LLC
Company Description For Rocket Racing this year marks eight consecutive RocketKidz triathlon event and five years of the RocketChix triathlon series.
Managing partners —Pat Fellows, Susan Hayden, Craig Sweeney and Danny Bourgeois — are proud of their nonprofit organization, the RocketKidz Foundation that has supported many great area programs like Girls on the Run, YMCA StrongKids, BREC First Tee, Wheels to Succeed, and various events and programs throughout the Gulf Coast.
Race Director Craig Sweeney, Mandeville
888-LA49TO1 / 888-524-9861


DATE: April 20, 2012

CONTACT: Craig Sweeney


(BATON ROUGE, LA) -¬‐ Baton Rouge will host The Louisiana Marathon on Sunday, January 15, 2012. The multi-race format includes a marathon, a half-marathon, a 2 & 4 person relay, a 5K and a RocketKidz Marathon. The runner friendly flat course will wind around the lakes, LSU, the revitalized downtown area, and historic and progressive neighborhoods in the heart of the state’s capital.

“The Louisiana Marathon isn’t a one-¬‐day race in Baton Rouge, but rather a Louisiana running event with months of wellness and fitness programming and training programs for all types of runners and for all ages,” stated Craig Sweeney, The Louisiana Marathon race director. “We’re encouraging people to move more, eat better. Louisiana’s mild climate allows us to get outside and walk, run, hike or bike most of the year. However, moving can also include yoga, Wii Fittm, mall walking or going to the gym.”

The Louisiana Marathon will start a national running event tradition managed by Rocket Racing, and participants pledge to move Louisiana from 49th to 1st in U.S. health rankings. Beginning in July, Rocket Racing and The Louisiana Marathon will begin conducting a series of wellness and fitness programming that will take place around the state. The Louisiana Marathon will also provide training programs for all race formats and fans of the event interested in a healthier lifestyle and a good run.

Although race activities are just starting, the event is already gaining national attention mostly due to the strong “community conscience” story that encourages a lifestyle change in our state. Louisiana ranks 49th in health and fitness, and our children’s health rankings are no better.

“This event and the LA49 1 Health Day Pledge represent the beginning of a tradition. We acknowledge in Louisiana, ‘we know how to live the good life, and now it’s time to live the better life too’,” stated Sweeney.

“We encourage everyone, whether you’re a race participant or not, to take the LA49to1 Health Day Pledge to move more, eat better and get healthier by April 30th. ind the pledge and post your video or comments on facebook.com/LA49to1Plede.

Visit www.thelouisianamarathon.com to receive pre-¬‐registration discounts for individuals, families and large groups, and “LIKE” us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter to find out about special inaugural race giveaways, sponsors, training programs, dates and locations of statewide health events.”

About The Louisiana Marathon

Rocket Racing managing partners ― Pat Fellows, Susan Hayden, Craig Sweeney and Danny Bourgeois ― started The Louisiana Marathon and the LA49to1 Health Day Pledge to provide a family friendly multi¬‐race format and to encourage a lifestyle change at home, in the workplace and at school. The annual event represents the modern Louisiana lifestyle filled with great respect for celebrating life filled with family, friends and food within a progressive approach to living better through wellness education, fitness activities and nutritional practice.

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