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Run Until You’re 100–Injury Free

Why attend Jeff Galloway’s Running School?

  • Giving you the information you need for your goal
  • Highly motivating
  • Individualized running form evaluation (available in $189, 5-hour session only)
  • Priority email access to Jeff, after the class
  • Format allows everyone to ask questions at any time, so each can get the individual info needed.
  • Jeff Galloway has helped over 200,000 runners reach their goals, and wants to help you. Jeff’s school offers a unique system of elements that has reduced injury rate down to almost zero, with a very high rate of success. He gives you tools to manage your fatigue, with a very accurate prediction of your current fitness level and race times, and lots of practical tips that can make running more enjoyable.

  • How to improve time
  • Individualized format–ask any question in any area
  • How to avoid hitting the wall
  • Specific training programs for specific goals
  • Specific recommendations on water intake, eating
  • Dealing with heat/cold/wind
  • Absolving you of guilt for not stretching
  • Strength for running
  • Motivation techniques to get you out the door
  • Mental toughness techniques to keep going
  • Running drills for easier, more efficient, faster runs
  • How to improve endurance without pain/ over-fatigue
  • When to replace shoes
  • It’s good to drink coffee
  • Sample Schedule:

  • Individual Running Form Analysis & Advice
  • Running Faster – Learning about your Speed
  • Training for YOUR Goal – Staying Realistic
  • Nutrition – Eating Right
  • Motivation – Keeping Focused
  • Fatburning – Getting LeanBuilding Endurance
  • And more … – Questions are encouraged!
  • Fee: $189 per class, special rate for The Louisiana Marathon $99
    Discounts available for Jeff Galloway Training Program members. Contact carol@jeffgalloway.com .
    Registration limited to ensure individual attention.

    Testimonials from Participants:
    I just wanted to let you know that I PR’d at the Columbus Marathon by over 24 minutes! I followed the plan that you gave me at the Boston Running School, and I stayed with it during my training and throughout the race last Sunday. It was amazing how I improved my marathon time by so much in one year solely by including the walk breaks” AJ

    I attended your Running Class last month and learned your techniques for the first time. I ran the Boulder Backroads Marathon, 1 week after your class. I am pleased to tell you I ran the fastest marathon this year, and my second fastest ever, all this at least at 5000 feet and a very difficult course. I am sure now that I will be training usiong your methods, my next will be even better (faster and less painful). I just wanted to say THANK-YOU” DB

    In less than 2 hours I learned more than I had in 12 years of running.” BD

    Thank you for showing me how to enjoy running almost every day.” FS

    After 2 years of pain, I’m no longer injured due to the small changes you suggested.” MK

    Lots of good information for people at all levels of training.” CM

    I was able to attend Jeff’s Running School and found it a great resource! With Jeff’s over all endless knowlege of running, it was something which will make my efforts jump 10 fold.” FA, DC Running School

    I just wanted to thank you again for all the great information you gave me at the Des Moines Marathon Running School, and let you know that I did use the run-walk-run method in the Half Marathon and I got my PR!”

    This weekend really changed my life! I have a renewed excitement for running, and can’t wait to dig into all the training books and plan my next race!” – MR, Des Moines Running School

    The running school was incredible! It exceeded all my expectations. Meeting Jeff and experiencing his genuine passion for running and runners of all shapes, sizes, and abilities was a blessing that will never be forgotten. I felt as if I’d met a kindred spirit – an old friend. He obviously motivates straight from the heart!” – JM, Dallas Running School

    For more info, contact carol@jeffgalloway.com .

    Click here for more info >>

    Registration limited to ensure individual attention. Click here to register $99 a student runner >>



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