If you sign up to complete the 5k, Half, or Full Marathon for the first time at The Louisiana Marathon, you will be eligible for the VICTORY AWARD from VARISTY SPORTS… The first 25 First-Timers to complete each race will be awarded a pair of MIZUNO WAVE RIDER running shoes!

To be eligible for the award, all you have to do is make the commitment to run.

When you sign up for THE LOUISIANA MARATHON, make sure to select “I’m a First Timer” and you will automatically be eligible for the VICTORY AWARD!

What is Mizuno Wave Technology?

The genesis for Wave came as Mizuno engineers studied the way nature deals with impact forces. From sound waves to tidal waves, waveforms spread and dissipate energy incredibly quickly. Inspired by nature’s simple efficiency, we created the world’s first and most effective mechanical midsole–the Mizuno Wave.

Unlike other shoe technologies, as your foot touches the ground, Wave actually reduces and redirects impact forces away from your foot. Wave acts much like your car’s suspension—offering cushioning and keeping your foot centered in your shoe throughout your stride. Our engineers have developed multiple Wave shapes, so we can gear different shoes to fit the unique strides of different runners. And Wave’s compact form keeps the shoe sleeker and lighter than competitive systems. So whether you’re jogging around the neighborhood or blasting past the 20-mile marker, Wave always feels amazing underfoot.

  • Disperses impact forces away from foot
  • Progressive, tunable support
  • Lightweight, compact, responsive
  • Doesn’t break down over time

First Timer Sign Up

As the event approaches we would love to get to know you more! Please fill out this form and help us learn more about your running needs.