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Enjoy Bar and Grill Special from Hilton

The Hilton will be offering participant-friendly food options all weekend and a few drink special to relax the hard edges, grease a few wheels. Check it out.

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Sign-up for Participant Tracking

Sign-up for Participant Tracking Alerts for The Louisiana Marathon and The Half. Track the progress of any athlete in the Louisiana Marathon. When your athlete crosses timing checkpoints along the course, receive an alert via email or text message. It takes a few steps to sign up to follow a friend or loved-one.  It’s easy and free1.  Sign Up for […]

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Meet Our National Anthem Performer

BIENVENUE, KIM MATSKO Join us in welcoming Kim Matsko, our performer and our sponsors from Big Squeezy, who will be singing the national anthem. THE BIG SQUEEZY The Big Squeezy was born out of our passion for sharing the wonderful benefits of juicing with others. Not all juices are created equal. It is a well established fact that only Cold […]

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Check Out the 2014 Medals

THE LOUISIANA MARATHON 2014 MEDALS   Here are the medals for the marathon, half marathon, 5k and kids marathon. Each is unique and carries the theme of the initial years of the race. We hope you get yours, wear it proudly and use it accordingly with your celebratory beverages!

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