The Louisiana 5K presented by The Advocate


The 5th annual Louisiana 5K presented by The Advocate will take place in downtown Baton Rouge at 7:30 am on Saturday, January 16, 2016.

  • Race Date: Saturday, January 16, 2016
  • Start Time: 7:30 a.m.
  • Start & Finish Location: Louisiana State Museum, 660 North 4th Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802


The 5K course on the map below is marked by the dashed black lines.




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This isn’t your neighborhood 5K.

From first timers to competitive runners, this race is a great option for everyone. As part of the Louisiana Marathon weekend of races, you can experience running in a unique setting featuring a flat, fast and fabulous course. Both the start and the finish are visually stunning as you begin and end the race under our signature running shoot. All finishers receive a special 5th anniversary medal designed specifically for the Louisiana 5K.

Additional premiums include:

  • Personalized Bibs
  • Participant Shirt
  • Post-Race Water Bottle
  • Access to Finish Festival
  • 6 F&B Taste Tour Wristband
  • Virtual Event Bag with Special Offers

Is this your first race? Heading from the couch to a 5K deserves special recognition. This is the perfect race to celebrate your accomplishment. Maybe you’re still not quite ready to run the whole way… don’t worry! Sprinters, joggers and walkers can all participate in this event. Strollers and Baby Joggers are allowed but are asked to remain towards the back of the group for safety purposes.

The Louisiana 5K is also a great opportunity to get the whole family involved. Participants of all ages are welcome, and encouraged to join in celebrating a healthy and active lifestyle. As an added incentive to get your little runners on the move, we’re offering a special rate for kids under 15. Get more details about kids race procedures. >>

Planning to take part in more than the 5K? Use this race as a warm up for the half or full marathon. Runners who compete in both the 5K and half or full marathon receive the Deja Vu Award, a coveted Crawfish Seafood Tray to impress your family, friends and neighbors year round. Learn more about the Deja Vu Award. >>

Regardless of your age and experience level, the Louisiana 5K promises to be a memorable race you don’t want to miss. Register now to take part in the fun on January 16! >>

Please visit our event photos page and see if you made it into the lime light. If you did, congratulations, and if not do not worry we’ll be releasing more non-official event photos all year long.


ALL finishers receive a special 5th anniversary medal designed specifically for the Louisiana 5K.

*Please note that all age group awards are based on UHF timing tags provided by End Result, NOT gun time.

If you are not present to receive your award during the awards ceremony, shipping and handling charges will apply if you request the award to be mailed. We ask that you pickup your award at the awards ceremony to avoid having to send via mail.

Commemorative Art Prints and French Quarter Slate Trophies will be awarded 3 deep in each division:

  • Ages 11 & Under (Male and Female)
  • Ages 12-15 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 16-19 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 20-24 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 25-29 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 30-34 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 35-39 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 40-44 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 45-49 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 50-54 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 55-59 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 60-64 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 65-69 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 70-74 (Male and Female)
  • Ages 75+ (Male and Female)



2015: Keith Kotar (16:55)

2014: Roger Cooke (16:19)*

2013: Joshua Andrews (17:38)

2012: Cole Stafford (16:23)


2015: Annie Hill (19:38)

2014: Alexis Falcon (21:27)

2013: Annie Hill (19:14)

2012: Courtney Stockett (17:14)*

*Course record
See the full results from 2012 to present day at

THE ADVOCATE, a daily morning newspaper published by Capital City Press, and its journalistic ancestors have been a vital force in Louisiana’s capital city and the surrounding communities for more than 160 years.

An Acadiana edition with news pertaining to Lafayette and the parishes of Acadiana is published daily except Sunday. In 2012, a New Orleans edition was started and is published daily. An Ascension section and Livingston-Tangipahoa section is published each Thursday with news on the faces and places in those areas.

Dathel and John Georges purchased The Advocate, Louisiana’s largest daily print newspaper on April 30, 2013. The Advocate, based in Baton Rouge and first published as a weekly in 1842, has an average daily circulation of 100,000 and serves Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans and surrounding communities in South Louisiana.

Today’s Advocate traces it publishing history back to The Democratic Advocate, a newspaper founded in 1842 with an agenda of defeating the local candidates of the rival Whig political party. The newspaper scene was in constant flux during the period of the Civil War, with newspapers and editors in transition. The Louisiana Capitolian appeared in 1868 and soon merged with the renamed Weekly Advocate. By 1889 The Advocate was being published daily, and in 1904 a new owner, William Hamilton, renamed it The Baton Rouge Times, and the paper became The State-Times. The newly formed Capital City Press owned by Charles P. Manship, Sr. and James Edmonds purchased the State-Times in 1909. The business was owned and operated by the Manship family until the sale in 2013 where at the time, David C. Manship was the Publisher/COO.

The State-Times, an afternoon publication with emphasis on local news, was published until October 1991. Capital City Press created The Morning Advocate in 1925 to provide a growing population with an early edition of the news provided by the local reporting staff and wire services, a vital source of local, national and international information in those days prior to radio and television. The new publication was an immediate success, enjoying a wide circulation in the towns and rural communities surrounding Baton Rouge. Women played major roles on the editorial staff during and after World War II. They got their main chance during the war, when they showed up so well that Publisher Charles P. Manship, 40, managed to keep them on the staff. Capital City Press operated on Florida Street in Baton Rouge until 1953 when it moved to a new location at 525 Lafayette Street. In the fall of 2005 Capital City Press moved their administrative offices to its present location, 7290 Bluebonnet Blvd. In 2006 the production facility at 6700 Bluebonnet was replaced with a new state-of-the-art facility at 10715 Reiger Road. The facility is equipped with MANRoland offset presses and a 48-inch web.

With the new ownership, John Georges assumed the role of CEO and Publisher of The Advocate, beginning a new chapter in the paper’s history. John looks forward to continuing the tradition of leadership and appreciation for the people of Louisiana that his predecessors, the Manship family, helped to establish. The Georges family plans to continue to provide daily news via print and digital to readers in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Orleans, and surrounding areas.  >>   |   facebook >>   |   twitter >>


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