A Running Festival with Lagniappe

2012 Art Print




The 2012 commemorative art print showcases a run through Louisiana. The piece depicts the unique paths runners tackle each day: We are privileged to run in the shadows of ever-present Cypress trees along levees, through spillways, down river roads, on trails wrapping bayous and windswept fields. We appreciate the changes in terrain as we climb steep bridge approaches, angle winding roads near historic cemeteries and storied museums, and cool off beneath the canopy of century-old oaks decorated with moss.

Louisiana offers visitors long-lasting influences of our French, Spanish and African ancestry. Our past is well preserved in our architecture, music, food and cultural events that include our amazing festivals and museums of history and fine arts.

Quantity: 2013 pieces
1,000/ 2013: numbered – $39.99
600/ 2013: numbered, signed, sealed – $69.99
100/ 2013: VIP editions – $99.99
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Louisiana’s native son, Tuna Seither, is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost sports artists. His work includes commissions for limited edition silk screens of major sporting events and personal portraits for many sports personalities.



Tuna received commissions to commemorate major sporting events: the Super Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo and the New Orleans Golf Classic. He created a series of commemorative posters for the Crescent City Classic Road Race featuring the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Degas House, Café du Monde, the Saenger Theatre and an antique map of the Crescent City. The National Football League Players Association commissioned a series of work for its offices in Washington, D.C.


He created sports personality portraits for Brett Farve, Dan Marino, Mike Singletary, Michael Jordon and Sean Peyton.


Many of his paintings have been reproduced for Sugar Bowls, New Orleans Bowls, Super Bowl XXXI, Super Bowl XVI, The New Orleans Saints, Coach Sean Payton’s Play It Forward Foundation, The New Orleans Hornets, The New Orleans Zephyrs, Tulane University’s Athletic Programs, LSU Football, the New Orleans Fair Grounds, the WYES Showboat Auction and the Freeport-McDermott Golf Series.


Thomas “Tuna” Seither was born and raised in New Orleans, the youngest of six children. He has his older sister Kathy to blame for his fishy nickname … although for most of his life no reason surfaced for the moniker. The artist credits the unique charm of his hometown for bringing a certain festivity to his work. The pageantry of “The Big Easy,” be it the costumes of Mardi Gras or the uniforms of The New Orleans Saints, had a profound effect on Tuna’s imagination. But it was his childhood visits (with his Spiderman Comics in tow) to press boxes with his father Dick Seither, a sportswriter, who led to his choice of subject matter. Archie Manning began to compete with Peter Parker for space in Tuna’s drawings and football uniforms replaced superhero costumes.

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Stuck in the funk and fog of a post-Katrina creative rut, Tuna Seither, the artist, turned to a local Icon, the Louisiana Brown Pelican, to express both despair and hope. Desperate for an appropriate, meaningful symbol for his first post-Katrina pieces, The Louisiana State Bird quite literally came to the artist’s rescue.

After a 40-plus-years fight to save the state bird from extinction, followed by the heart-breaking images of oil soaked Pelicans after the BP Oil Spill, The Brown Pelican has valiantly been (re) established in our psyche.

Having casually appeared in previous work before Hurricane Katrina, the artist took to calling his creation “Pel Lis Can” as a play on the Fleur-de-Lis placed in the bird’s beak.

In 2010, after the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Tuna teamed with sponsor Coastal Shoring to create a print titled “Coastal Paradise; We Love This Place” to benefit The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation’s coastal restoration efforts.

From the one of a kind “Fleur de Feet” to the hidden Louisiana boot and crescent moon tucked within richly colored feathers, the Pel Lis Can has become as a symbol of a unified community, a strong and healthy Louisiana.


The Louisiana Marathon 2012 Inaugural Event Commemorative Art Print – a Limited Edition Serigraph will be available in a print run of 2,012 numbered pieces:

  • 1078/ 2012 Numbered only – $39.99
  • 600/ 2012 Numbered, signed and sealed – $69.99
  • 100/ 2012 VIP editions – $99.99
  • 234/ 2012 Top Finisher editions – $Priceless

Get your limited edition commemorative art print at The Louisiana Marathon Health & Fitness Expo at the Belle of Baton Rouge atrium Jan. 13-14, the Finish Festival Jan. 14-15 or order now:

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Quick-Reference Information

Official Print Name:
The Louisiana Marathon 2012 Inaugural Event Commemorative Art Print – a Limited Edition Serigraph

Print Title:
Bienvenue au Marathon de Louisiane Inaugural dans la ville de Baton Rouge, Louisiane
15 Janvier 2012

Event Mission:
“Faire la Vie Saine une Tradition”
“Making Healthy Living a Tradition”

Event Motto

Medium: Serigraph/Silkscreen
Size: 22”(w) x 28”(t)
Paper: Mohawk Superfine 100# Cover, ph-Neutral Acid-Free Archival
Printing:Silkscreened in (8) eight ultra violet permanent colors with the image coated with a UV clear that protects from fading – art that will last for centuries
Printer:  Crescent Decal
Website: crescentdecal.org>>

Artist: Thomas “Tuna” Seither
Artist Website: tunaart.com >>
Artist Facebook: facebook >>

Quantity: 2012 pieces
1,312/ 2012: numbered – $39.99
600/ 2012: numbered, signed, sealed – $69.99
100/ 2012: vip editions – $99.99

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