A Running Festival with Lagniappe

Pace Team // Brad Oswalt (1:40)

Meet Pace Leader for 1:40 Half, Brad Oswalt

Where are you from?

Grew up in Lake Charles but have been in Baton Rouge for longer now.

When you aren’t running, what are you doing? What’s your day job?

I work in Commercial Insurance at Mid South Insurance Agency.

What is your best time at your favorite distance?

2:57at the Houston Marathon a couple years ago.

What is your favorite part of the Louisiana Marathon course?

The parts through LSU campus get the most attention, but I really enjoy miles 6-8 looking back across the lakes towards campus. The morning light can make for some beautiful views.

What has been your favorite half or full marathon and why?

Boston in 2014. Amazing experience to be able to run my first Boston the year after the bombings. The crowd support for that race may never be surpassed.

What is your bucket list race?

I have a bunch, but New York and London probably would be at the top. Love to tie in running with visiting places I’ve never been. Great way to experience the area.

What is your pre-race meal of choice?

I like to keep it pretty simple. Spaghetti or some pasta with grilled chicken is ideal for me.

For people visiting Baton Rouge / Louisiana, what would be your top recommendation for what to do / eat / see?

I’ll leave a lot of the dining suggestions to some of my fellow pacers because as a father of 3, I don’t get to eat out a lot. But we love getting coffee and beignets at Coffee Call or visiting the Farmers Market downtown on Saturday morning. There are so many beautiful sights to see. Take a drive through the LSU Campus and down Highland Road and see all the majestic oak trees. Or venture down the Mississippi River to tour some of the plantations.


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