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Pace Team // Bob Jacobsen (2:20)


Meet Pace Leader for 2:20 Half, Bob Jacobsen

220h_bobWhere are you from?

Baton Rouge

When you aren’t running, what are you doing? What’s your day job?

I’m an independent consulting engineer, specializing in environmental, coastal, and flood hydrology. I’ve been “drowning” in work the past few months. (When not running or working I sit around making up bad puns!)

What is your best time at your favorite distance?

For 40 years I was a confirmed “jogger” so I’ve never had great speed or medium distance stamina.  But over the last six years–thanks to Varsity Sports–I’ve come to enjoy pointing toward a marathon PR every other year. Bismark Marathon 3:46 in Sept 2015 (BQ).

What is your favorite part of the Louisiana Marathon course?

The top of the overpass on the way in! 1/2 mile downhill and then push to the finish.

What has been your favorite half or full marathon and why?

Fav full: the Shamrock in Va Beach. Pancake flat. Hotels right on the beach–very close to the start. Sleep in for an easy 8am start. Great after party.  Fav half: def Louisiana–seeing all those happy faces at the VS tent!

What is your bucket list race?

I’m just hoping to have a nice Boston Marathon this coming April!  So much to be grateful for, including so many inspiring running buddies. (Coach A!) Everything after that will be icing on the cake

What is your pre-race meal of choice?

Bananas, OJ, peanut butter on rye bread, and coffee.  And an Imodium tablet. (Is there such a thing as TMI among runners?)

For people visiting Baton Rouge / Louisiana, what would be your top recommendation for what to do / eat / see?

Start at the Perkins Rd Overpass and eat/drink your way down to College Dr. Too many places to list! Finish off around the corner with beignets at Coffee Call!  Do a swamp tour!


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