A Running Festival with Lagniappe

Pace Team // Andrew Olsen (5:30)


Meet Pace Leader for 5:30 Full, Andrew Olsen

530m_andrew-01Where are you from?

Dallas, TX now but originally from Baton Rouge, LA.

When you aren’t running, what are you doing? What’s your day job?

I’m an Accountant. I work as a Senior Accountant and a company called CSC Serviceworks.

What is your best time at your favorite distance?

3:28 at The Bob Ardrey Marathon in Salina, KS.

What is your favorite part of the Louisiana Marathon course?

Running around the Lakes near LSU. I went to high school and college nearby I grew up running around those lakes.

What has been your favorite half or full marathon and why?

Chicago, Louisiana, and Route 66 are all fantastic, well organized events that focus on the runners and their experience during and after the race.

What is your bucket list race?

The Great Wall Marathon

What is your pre-race meal of choice?

Anything but Tex-Mex. Before the Louisiana Marathon we always eat at Monjuni’s.

For people visiting Baton Rouge / Louisiana, what would be your top recommendation for what to do / eat / see?

Do – Explore the grounds around the state capital and visit some of the shops and restaurants in downtown.

Eat – Olive or Twist has some unique local dishes. They also have the best cocktails in Baton Rouge. Also, skip out on your Starbucks for the weekend and go to CC’S Coffeehouse and try some local coffee. We always make sure to get a Cafe au Lait before we leave town.

See – The Mississippi River from ground level. Take a walk up the levee and see what the river looks like when you’re that close.

FUN FACT: Co-pacer Breanna and I met during a 50K and have done over 100 marathons together!


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