A Running Festival with Lagniappe

Pace Team // Kimberly Blaise (3:35)


Meet Pace Leader for 3:35 Full, Kimberly Blaise

335m_kimberly-01Where are you from?

New Orleans, La.

When you aren’t running, what are you doing? What’s your day job?

I am an internal auditor for a healthcare organization. When not working or running, I enjoy traveling, Nola festivals, football games and spending time with my family.

What is your best time at your favorite distance?

3:19 at Chicago Marathon.

What has been your favorite half or full marathon and why?

My favorite marathon is Boston. The crowds are unbelievable! It’s like running a Mardi Gras parade route with all the spectators partying and cheering everyone on the entire course. And the Wellesley girls are
amazing with their signs, loud cheering, high fives and kisses for those who dare! They provide much needed energy when runners are at the point of hitting the wall.

What is your bucket list race?

Le Marathon du Medoc. A hilly course that winds through the Bordeaux region of France and serves world-class wine and food at every step along the course!

What is your pre-race meal of choice?

I always have pasta with marinara sauce and some protein, chicken or seafood if available.

For people visiting Baton Rouge / Louisiana, what would be your top recommendation for what to do / eat / see?

Travel to Nola for a day in the French Quarter and some delicious southern cuisine.


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