A Running Festival with Lagniappe

Pace Team // Jacob Boone (4:15)


Meet Pace Leader for 4:15 Full, Jacob Boone

415m_jacob-01Where are you from?

A small town on the west coast of Michigan called Fruitport.

When you aren’t running, what are you doing? What’s your day job?

When I’m not running, I am a graduate student at Louisiana State University studying Fish Ecology.

What is your best time at your favorite distance?

In college, I was a 2 minute 800 runner but since then I’ve worked on further distances. My best marathon is 3:05.

What is your favorite part of the Louisiana Marathon course?

My favorite part of the Louisiana Marathon course is portion that runs along the LSU lakes. It feels very familiar so time passes quickly during this portion.

What has been your favorite half or full marathon and why?

My favorite marathon was actually my first marathon. It’s called the Grand Isle Trail Marathon. It takes place on an island in Lake Superior and you run perimeter of the island atop of beautiful tall cliffs.

What is your bucket list race?

I’m not sure I have a bucket list race per se but I have many trails on my bucket list. I would love to run the Porcupine Mountains, Picture Rocks National Lakeshore, The Appalachian Trail (Yes, the whole thing maybe not all at once), and so many west coast trails.

What is your pre-race meal of choice?

The night before I am all about the classic pasta “carbo-loading.” The morning of, I like to have bowl of raisin bran or oatmeal with a banana.

For people visiting Baton Rouge / Louisiana, what would be your top recommendation for what to do / eat / see?

I would definitely try to get some classic Louisiana food while you are here, I have a passion for good jambalaya and grilled oysters. New Orleans is a place that everyone should visit at least once.


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